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[mkgmap-dev] Splitter feature request

From Carlos Dávila carlos at alternativaslibres.org on Sun Dec 3 11:26:52 GMT 2023

Hi all

I usually let splitter decide tiles based on max-nodes value, but for 
some maps I need to supply splitter an areas.list file which I adjust 
manually. Reasons for that include reducing the total number of tiles, 
avoiding cutting of some islands and separating right/left hand side 
driving areas or reducing number of tiles with both sides driving. For 
these cases, it would be helpful to be able to build "L shaped tiles", 
as in the attached image. I think these tiles could be defined by three 
coordinates (A,B,C), which would define the two rectangles in which the 
L shaped tile can be split, and a switch (1,2,3,4) to determine de 
orientation of the "L".

1: tile = A-lat, A-lon to B-lat, B-lon + A-lat,B-lon to C-lat,C-lon

2: tile = B-lat, A-lon to C-lat, C-lon + A-lat,B-lon to B-lat,C-lon

3: tile = A-lat, A-lon to B-lat, B-lon + B-lat,A-lon to C-lat,C-lon

4: tile = A-lat, A-lon to C-lat, B-lon + A-lat,B-lon to B-lat,C-lon

This raises several questions. First of all, if is feasible, then if it 
is worth the effort to implement it, how would if affect splitter 
performance and if it makes sense for other users. Perhaps it could be a 
first step towards irregular tiles...
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