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[mkgmap-dev] Garmin Tread img file issues with Place icons

From Joao Almeida joaoha at gmail.com on Fri Aug 4 13:50:13 BST 2023

I've recently moved from my Garmin Montana 700i to a Garmin Tread SxS 
Edition. I have found issues with the maps, and I wonder if anyone can 

The issue is that the place points for multiple tags from OSM are not 
displayed in the Garmin Tread, for example, shops, Gates/barriers, 
toilets, accommodation and others.
This is clearly an issue with the Garmin Device, however if I can't find 
a way to fix it, it will render the use of custom, OSM maps in newer 
generations of garmin devices potentially unusable.

Anyone has a "debug" OSM file that can be used to help with the 
investigation of this issue or any ideas about the issue?


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