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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap-dev Digest, Vol 177, Issue 11

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Fri May 5 07:23:21 BST 2023

Hi Diego,

I still cannot believe that it is important to have a HIGHER or LOWER value in the mapid for a certain mapset. AFAIK it is only important to have different ids. Maybe you have another mapset on your device with conflicting ids?


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Hello everybody
after a couple of sleepless nights, i finally managed to understand and fix the problem and I want to share the solution, hoping to help someone.
It was nothing dealing with the quality of contour lines, but just with... map IDs !!.
I was splitting my contours with a lower MAPID than the one used to split the map:

step 1:
java -Xmx16384m -ea -jar C:\OSM\splitter\splitter.jar --mapid=13377300 --output-dir=C:\CONTOURS --max-nodes=1600000 --keep-complete=false --output=o5m "CONTOURS.PBF"

step 2:
java -Xmx16384m -ea -jar C:\OSM\splitter\splitter.jar --mapid=13724300  --output-dir=C:\MAPDATA --max-nodes=1600000 --keep-complete=false --output=o5m "MAPDATA.PBF"

step 3:
mkgmap to merge contours + mapdata

I don't know why, but this cause the countour lines to be recognized as "clickable" objects by the device and the others (areas, streets, paths, POIs etc.) are not. It only happens with the Garmin unit, not on Basecamp.

I changed the mapid for contours and made it HIGHER than the one for map data, and now it perfectly works !!! Contour lines are not clickable, while I can do it with all the other objects in the map and I get informations simply passing the cursor over them !

I have another question, less imoprtant: I am using a Copyright file with MKGMAP  and I see that all the text is changed to UPPERCASE. Could this be changed to normal text, so that I can see exactly the text of my file ?

Thanks everybody and have a great weekend !

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