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[mkgmap-dev] POIs name not readable on Garmin

From helter skelter hskelter at hotmail.com on Wed Apr 26 21:40:29 BST 2023

Hello everybody
I hope you can help me with this strange behaviour I am experiencing with my maps on Garmin devices. When I move around the cursor over objects such as streets, paths, peaks and so on, they are not recognized and I can't read the name on the screen, I just read coordinates only. Also, if I press Enter, I get no information. It only works when I move the cursor over contour lines: in this case I can get elevation data for each one of them, at all the zoom levels. I tried it on different Garmin devices (gpsmap 64 and 66) with the same result.
Sometimes, if I play with the zoom in and out, I can get it to work, but when I change zoom level it stops again. On Basecamp everything works perfectly, as you can see here:

I think this started some weeks ago when I created new contour lines with the Douglas-Peucker parameter decreased to 0.12 (before I was using higher values, such as 0.2 or 0.3). This results in much better detail, but a heavier size of the map file (42 MB before, 48 now): could this be the reason ? What else ?
Thank you in advance for all your help !

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