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[mkgmap-dev] Problems with contours

From Bernd Weigelt weigelt.bernd at web.de on Mon Apr 10 08:09:53 BST 2023

Hi Diego

can you tell us the options of your tools, especially for Splitter.

Did you use you shape files to cut off the data?

BTW: i cut my DEM files with the polygone files from the Geofabrikm they have a 
small overhang the edges, that prevent  data loses.


Am Donnerstag, 30. März 2023, 17:36:25 CEST schrieb helter skelter:
> Hello guys
> I don't know if this is the right place to ask: please forgive me if not and
> delete my request. I have a problem with contours, generated from DEM HGT
> files, downloaded both from Nasa and Viewfinder, and tried with different
> Douglas-Peucker values. I get empty spaces in some areas of the map, close
> to the state/region border, and squares with no DEM data, as you can see in
> this picture (this is the north part of Trentino Alto Adige, north of
> Italy): [cid:7f488b98-a01f-4538-bd2a-fe8ca3b4d4fa]
> I use HGT2OSM and OSMCONVERT to process all HGTs and obtain a single OSM
> file, the I split it with the Splitter. Then I merge everything in a single
> IMG file with MKGMAP.
> Do you know what could be the reason of this problem and how to solve ?
> Thank you in advance for all your help
> Regards,
> Diego

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