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[mkgmap-dev] The "Elevation=M" in the header of the polish .MP files does not work

From Vadim Karpov bombur at mail.ru on Wed Mar 1 12:00:16 GMT 2023

Good afternoon !
I am using the latest version of MkGMap and trying to create a depth chart with isolines (types 0x24, 0x25).
The problem is that the compiler interprets the depth specified in Meters as in Feet.
The result is independent of the presence or value of the "Elevation=M" parameter.
And I didn't find an alternative command line option. :(
So how can I tell the compiler to treat all numerical depth and height values in an .MP file as meters and not feet?
Thanks for the advice.
PS: cGpsMapper works fine with "Elevation=M" of course.
PPS: Example of polylyne defs:
Data0=(47.139263517000003,-122.560520313), ...
Data0=(47.127846400000003,-122.562501059), ...
Vadim Karpov
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