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[mkgmap-dev] NSIS option for Basecamp

From eric.detachment at gmail.com eric.detachment at gmail.com on Thu Feb 2 10:55:34 GMT 2023

Hi Diego,


Following up on Dave:


MapInstall handles new Maps and Maps already installed on device differently.

For Maps already installed all tiles are initially selected.


OT (1):

IMO it’s best practice to install Maps on SD-card, not in Device Memory.

Reinstalling Maps on an SD card over and over leads to fragmentation of the SD card.

To resolve (IMO): I delete folder “H:\Garmin\” by Windows Explorer before starting Basecamp (BaseCamp sometimes forgets to refresh the content). This is effectively a defrag and harmless (formatting is not harmless). And – perhaps (?!) – defragmenting also has a positive effect on performance. 

Now the map tiles are not selected as this is a new map.


OT (2):

If you are creating mkgmap tiles and you do not need to distribute your map to others, then the NSIS installer is not required.

Initial installation requires importing registration data (.reg file).

Creating an NSIS installer takes time and then installing setup.exe also takes time.


For instance:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

















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Hi Diego,


You can right click on the tiles already selected to deselect them and then left click to select the tiles you want. You can click and hold the button down and drag to select/deselect multiple tiles.


Hope this helps.












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Hello Eric and Gerd, thanks for your reply. 

I create different tiles setting the Splitter to 1.600.000, then I add clipped contours and DEM with Mkgmap.

I transfer the map with Basecamp/Mapinstall, both in the latest version available.

When I click the button for a partial install, I can choose my map or the other I have installed. If I choose one of the others, such as Freizeitkarte, I get a full version of the map (I am working on Italy) divided into tiles, and I can select which ones I want to transfer to the device. If I do the same with my map, I get it already completely selected: I see the tiles, but I cannot select some of them, so my only option is to trasfer full Italy to the device.

I tried many times and in one of them I was able to select the tiles... but I don't know how ! And then the map on the device wasn't complete: I had the selected area, but the contours and the shaded reliefs were not there.


I am trying to do a partial selection because my map is slow when I use it on my Garmin: when I scroll the map I have to wait a few seconds to see the image, while with Freizeitkarte the loading is almost immediate. For this reason I would like to try to upload a small part, to have a lighter file. I also tried to edit my style files, removing all the objects I don't need, but it doesn't help... 🙁





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