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[mkgmap-dev] FW: NSIS option for Basecamp

From Joris Bo jorisbo at hotmail.com on Wed Feb 1 18:50:41 GMT 2023

Hi Diego,

Do you want NSIS to install the map on the device or do you use basecamp to install the map on teh device?

I also use nsis to install the map in basecamp but do not use it to install it on the device.
You can additionally use the mkgmap option -gmapsupp to create a single 'img' file containing all the separated tiles combined en afterwords copy that file manually (or scripted) to your SD card. Your garmin device will detect it.

When installing from basecamp I had to manually upgrade mapinstall 421.exe I managed to get it to work, but still stopped using this, since the single file created by gmapsupp option is much easier.

Kind regards,

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Verzonden: dinsdag 31 januari 2023 20:52
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Onderwerp: [mkgmap-dev] NSIS option for Basecamp

I need help with the NSIS option. I use it to create an installer of my map for Basecamp. It works, but I am not able to load small parts of the map to my device: I can only load the full map, not the single tiles or a selection of them.
My map is complete with DEM and contours and it works good both on Basecamp and on the device (just a little slow when loading). 
Can anybody help me please?
Many thanks !

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