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[mkgmap-dev] DEM data from gmapsuppp not showing on BaseCamp

From Carlos Dávila carlos at alternativaslibres.org on Mon Jan 2 17:45:35 GMT 2023

Happy New Year to all!

One user of my maps has reported that when he loads a gmapsupp with DEM 
in BaseCamp, it doesn't show shaded relief, while if he loads gmap 
version of the same map it does. I have confirmed the issue with a 
couple of maps and also that BaseCamp reads height information from 
gmapsupp, as it is displayed in the status bar along with coordinates. 
gmap version of the same maps does show both shaded relief and height 
info at all zoom levels.

My DEM maps are generated with options below, just combining precompiled 
map data (51*.img) and DEM data (63*.img) tiles.

gmapi command: java -ea -Xmx27G -jar mkgmap.jar --dem=hgt/ALOS 
--dem-poly=polygons/$mapa.poly --overview-dem-dist=128000 
--gmapi-minimal${GMAPI_MINIMAL} --show-profiles=1 
--road-name-config=${CONFIG} tmp/51${FID}*.img curvas/63${FID}*.img 

gmapsupp command: java -Xmx27G -ea -jar mkgmap.jar --gmapsupp 
--road-name-config=${CONFIG} --route tmp/51${FID}*.img 
curvas/63${FID}*.img tmp/${ABR}5${FID}.typ --description="OSM $MAPA DEM" 

I then tried splitting map data with the same areas.list used to 
generate DEM tiles, so that both groups of tiles share the same bounding 
box, but it didn't work either. Only if map and DEM data are all 
compiled in the same run of mkgmap, gmapsupp shows shaded relief in 

Does anybody know a way to get shaded relief from gmapsupp when using 
precompiled tiles?

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