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[mkgmap-dev] Remove accentiuation

From 7770 7770 at foskan.eu on Sun Jan 1 17:37:21 GMT 2023

Hi and with wishes of a Happy new year.

When preparing maps i use the setting 
--latin1   (same as --code-page=1252)

This is good most of the time, since most language specific characters are 
replaced with plain latin characters. Cyrillic is transliterated to latin.

In Ukraininan there is a softening letter (ь), when this is present in a name, 
it is transliteradet to ' (apostrophe).

For example the city Львів becomes L'viv. This in turn makes searches more 
difficult since one not familar with the language may not know where the 
accentuation is placed. As a forigner i would not know if it is Lviv or L'viv.

Is there some better code page to use to start with (still performing 
transliteration) or some way to ask mkgmap to remove the apostrophe from the 


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