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[mkgmap-dev] Test if POI is part of a line

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Tue Nov 1 09:45:34 GMT 2022

I won't be able to test anything the next 2 weeks however. Traveling in

On Tue, 1 Nov 2022, 15:29 Felix Hartmann <extremecarver at gmail.com> wrote:

> Not sure which Felix you meant. For me it was not about that poi
> influencing the routing, but the opposite. If mkgmap created a reputable
> line only then display the gate.
> E.g. if excluded using semi-connected marker, then also remove the gate.
> Typical scenario a highway=path entering a residence garden and the
> highway=gate tag on the path.
> What I want are gates for say a public garden or theme park, or similar.
> On Sun, 16 Oct 2022, 23:18 Felix Herwegh <mlmmduk at herwegh.de> wrote:
>> Hi Gerd,
>> the quote ("best routable") was from Felix Hartmanns opening post. I just
>> try to render my maps as focussed and decluttered as possible for keeping a
>> bike rolling without loosing too much attention on the map while not using
>> routing. But as far as I understand I see similarities in identifying
>> objects to omit.
>> In my question I was addressing situations similar to the example from
>> the Wikis barrier=gate section
>> <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:barrier%3Dgate> (either with or
>> without an additional barrier=fence or the like crossing), a barrier node
>> being part of two ways hence being processed from both by
>> --add-pois-to-lines.
>> *Based on the location below, the gate node should be the end of a way. A
>> new way starts with the gate node and it should have the access set to
>> private if the access is restricted. *
>> *x------x------O++++x++++x
>> *
>>    - *x** = node*
>> - *O** = node with barrier=gate*
>>    - *------** default way*
>>    - *+++++** way with access=private*
>> For example
>> *Punkt: 17848298*
>> *  Datensatz: 230db4cd*
>> *  ...*
>> *  Merkmale: *
>> *    "access"="private"*
>> *    "barrier"="gate"*
>> *  Koordinaten: 54.1016042, 11.5995597*
>> *  ...*
>> *  Teil von: *
>> *    Linie: Dünenstraße (3629239)*
>> *    Linie: 546855848*
>> *    Linie: 81154811*
>> Hence, having a gate between a bad track (later on not rendered due to
>> quality, already filtered from the RaceSurf include) and an acces=no road
>> (later on not rendered for just that) could have rendered an isolated gate
>> from the latter road segment.
>> That's where I took the problematic turn, trying to make a decision on
>> all possible ways connecting a gate, instead of more consequently filtering
>> all roads before having points derived from them in the first place. So
>> another RelevantRoads include file for dual use in points and lines it will
>> be.
>> But:
>> For my sample above, the gate then still will be rendered from the
>> "Dünenstraße", although not needed, since "Dünenstraße" will just end there
>> in my map because neither of lines 546855848 or 81154811 will be rendered.
>> Honestly, I was additionally flirting with trying to use different icons
>> for gates with and without a barrier line (fence), since those without and
>> on suitable roads occasionally could just void nice shortcuts for a bike...
>> :-)
>> >I see no need to add lots of logic...
>> Sorry, that was not my intention. I'm still searching my way into OSM and
>> mkgmap and only wanted to make shure, not to miss an existing concept as
>> more than once before. I should better have omitted that raw idea of mine,
>> thought it might help understand my train of thought.
>> Cheers, Felix
>> ------------------------------
>> *From:* Gerd Petermann [mailto:gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com
>> <gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com>]
>> *Sent:* Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 10:35 AM
>> *To:* Development list for mkgmap
>> *Subject:* [mkgmap-dev] Test if POI is part of a line
>> Hi Felix,
>> I do understand that one would want to avoid rendering gates which are not on highways, but I don't understand why you care about
>> the effect on routing. That's a completely different story and I think mkgmap handles this very well with the --link-pois-to-ways option.
>> Or maybe you mean something else?
>> A barrier node should never be connected to more than one way, else it is a mapping error and mkgmap reports this in the log (if enabled).
>> It should be a rare case and thus I see no need to add lots of logic to avoid the rendering.
>> The corresponding nodes should be fixed in OSM.
>> Gerd
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>> Betreff: Re: [mkgmap-dev] Test if POI is part of a line
>> I would only like to display barrier/highway=gate point icons if they are part of a (best routable) line.
>> Since I try to declutter my maps as best as possible I too had "remove non-relevant gates" on my to do list and followed up on that today.
>> Accounting for points mapped on or between ways and access restrictions optionally stemming from point and/or way I was able, to already thin out my gates significantly. The include file is just "re-used" from my lines processing.
>> # NoAccess gates on relevant highways
>> # only works w/ mkgmap option --add-pois-to-lines
>> if (mkgmap:from-node:barrier ~ '.*(gate)' & highway=*) then
>> # gate on highway
>>    include "../inc/RaceSurf";
>>    # tagging of (preselected) elements w/ hgh:surface=(Race|noRace)
>>    # depending on quality in regard to race (and gravel) bike use
>>   if (hgh:surface=Race) then
>>        (mkgmap:from-node:access ~ 'no|private
>>         & !(mkgmap:from-node:bicycle ~ 'yes|permissive')
>>         ...)
>>       # relevant access restricted by point
>>      |
>>        (access ~ 'no|private'
>>         & !(bicycle ~ 'yes|permissive')
>>         ...)
>>      # relevant access restricted by road segment
>>                                                                                  [...]
>>   end
>> end
>> But I was not able, to solve the probably most interesting situation:
>> If a (gate) point is part of two (or more) consecutive ways, it is processed multiple times from --add-pois-to-lines, but one would need the tags of all ways involved at the same time to make the final decision on whether or not to render this point. (That is -for starters-, if not at least two ways were deemed interesting, the gate might not be rendered although from one way alone, it would).
>> Is there a concept, allowing to do that?
>> The only idea I came up with would be, to use the mkgmap:line2poitype tag to flag these POIs somehow and finally delete all, if not at least 2 of those where placed at the exact same location. Somewhat similar to deleting identical POIs at the same location as documented for the nearby-poi-rules. In the latter case (>2), delete all but one...
>> Cheers, Felix
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