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[mkgmap-dev] Indexing street belonging to two cities

From Piotr Wawrzyniak wopozka at gmail.com on Mon Oct 17 15:11:59 BST 2022

pon., 17 paź 2022 o 15:50 Gerd Petermann
<gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com> napisał(a):
> well, GPSMapEdit says it is NT format, and for the existence of the sub type GMP means NT format.

Well, it might be alike from index point of view, but I am sure that
the whole NT, have never been decoded.

> Anyhow, I might find a way to work around that.

That could be awesome, if you need any additional data, please let me
know, I will try to prepare specific data if you wish.

> Do you know what the data starting with HLevel0 is about? I cannot find that in the cGPSmapper
> manual version 2.5

You can ignore it, it is extension from navitel, and it is used in the
source code for bridges depiction. In general it shows level: -1 mean
tunel, +1 etc mean above surface.

> I've also noticed that mkgmap ignores the key Routeparam because it expects RouteParam.
> I guess it should ignore case as with some other key words?

Yes, mkgmap ignores Routparam, but it is not an issue at all, as I am
preprocessing source for mkgmap. It might be that cgpmapper is not
case sensitive at all, but I would need to check it. Should I?
Routeparam is a result of another software, that prepares mp for
cgpamapper. It creates routing data (nodes), restrictions, signs and
balances routing classes. But apparently cgpamapper accepts Routeparam
as well.

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