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[mkgmap-dev] Test if POI is part of a line

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Mon Oct 10 07:35:10 BST 2022

Hi Felix,

my first thought was that --add-poi-to-lines is all that you need, but maybe I've missed something?

One problem with your suggested solution is that the current implementation in mkgmap processes
(tagged) nodes before lines. I can't remember exactly why but a change probably causes side effects.


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Betreff: [mkgmap-dev] Test if POI is part of a line

I read through the old

is_in()function for point on line discussion - but what I want is actually different and should be much easier?

Could there be a solution to check if a point is a single point vs if it is part of a open/closed line?

I would only like to display barrier/highway=gate point icons if they are part of a (best routable) line. Especially for gates  most are just useless clutter because they are tagged on private houses and similar.

If there was a way to delete afterwards/or create only in first place those points that are part of a line would be good, best would be if they are only shown if part of a routable line (so after the lines stye-file is processed).

Felix Hartman - Outdoormaps LTD - Openmtbmap.org & VeloMap.org

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