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[mkgmap-dev] [mkgmap-svn] Commit r4854: - fix possible error when negativ index was written to lookup table

From Ticker Berkin rwb-mkgmap at jagit.co.uk on Mon Jan 10 16:49:19 GMT 2022

Hi Gerd

More minor stuff - Still haven't understood the mincode parts


loopupBits/lookupBits is very confusing.
Can you have lookupBits for table2 size and something else for table1

If maxDepth < initial size (5 or 6), can't you just set table1 size to
maxDepth and set table2 size to 0. Or did you find this combination
didn't work.

Should it need:
	while (pos >= 0) {
		tab2[pos * 2] = 0;
		tab2[pos * 2 + 1] = (byte) lastIndex;
Won't the data have been exhausted, with v0 being the first index of
table1 (0) and v2 correct

would be clearer to spot/remember the bottom bit flag in table2, and
>>1 the data in both cases, then present the char data as numBits/char
and the non-char data as minLev/maxLev 


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