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[mkgmap-dev] custom style

From nick osm at pinns.co.uk on Sun Sep 12 09:05:14 BST 2021

Hi Karl

0x4400 - 401F is correct for fuels . It could be that Garmin by default 
adds certain restrictions to this range.

The highest known poi  range is 0x6A00-6A1F

In my TYP file I give all my fuels 0x2f01 as a transparent POI to enable 
indexing and add a 'continue' to cater for different fuels.

Interestingly , Garmin uses this idea in the NT file format (City 
Navigator Maps)  with each 2f01 poi containing the ID of Extra POI to 
display the different fuel brands/types - these are shown in certain TYP 
editors as Extra Points.



On 12/09/2021 06:55, 7770 wrote:
> Hi.
> As a test i once once added a specific condition for fuels so that the points
> style file contains these two rows:
> (amenity=fuel & fuel:e85=yes) [0x4401 resolution 22]
> amenity=fuel [0x2f01 resolution 22]
> If i add an image in the TYP file 0x4401 will show just fine in gmapshack and on
> a unit (GPSMAP 66st).
> in the finalize and include section of the style i have the following to add
> information about avaialble fues at fuel stations:
> (amenity=fuel & (fuel:octane_95=yes|fuel:diesel=yes|fuel:e85=yes|fuel:cng=yes|
> fuel:biogas=yes|fuel:adblue=yes) )
> 	      {set mkgmap:phone='${mkgmap:phone} Fuel: ' | 'Fuel: '}
> (amenity=fuel & fuel:octane_95=yes) {set mkgmap:phone='${mkgmap:phone} B95'}
> (amenity=fuel & fuel:diesel=yes) {set mkgmap:phone='${mkgmap:phone} DI'}
> (amenity=fuel & fuel:e85=yes) {set mkgmap:phone='${mkgmap:phone} E85'}
> (amenity=fuel & (fuel:cng=yes | fuel:biogas=yes)) {set mkgmap:phone='$
> {mkgmap:phone} CNG/BNG'}
> (amenity=fuel & fuel:lpg=yes) {set mkgmap:phone='${mkgmap:phone} LPG'}
> (amenity=fuel & fuel:adblue=yes) {set mkgmap:phone='${mkgmap:phone} ADBLUE'}
> What i observe now on the GPS unit is that the fuel stations tagged 0x4401
> will not have the fuel details added, but 0x2f01 will. (qmapshack doesn't seem
> to show any details about points).
> To me it looks like both points will and should match at least some of the
> conditions from the include section.
> Is it because 0x4401 is a too high number of types and mkgmap does not allow
> the phone information to be set?
> Do i need to write the include section differently?
> Is it simply the garmin device which does not show as much information for
> 0x4401 as for 0x2f01?
> Regards
> Karl
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