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[mkgmap-dev] Error writing overviewmap - continue at failure

From Mike Baggaley mike at tvage.co.uk on Mon Mar 1 12:20:48 GMT 2021

My mistake - I was assuming you meant the sea area, not a line along the coastline. In that case I agree that it is probably unnecessary.

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Don't you have sea in your map? If yes, what do you need coastline for?

El 28/2/21 a las 17:47, Mike Baggaley escribió:
> I have coastline in my overview of the UK down to the lowest level. At the lowest level, my overview contains just coastline, country boundaries, major cities and motorways. For an island, I would suggest the coastline is the most important thing to have in the overview.
> Cheers,
> Mike
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> Hi
> The default style has 5 levels of overview map! This seems excessive.
> I'd have thought 2 or 3 would be acceptable and save a lot of space
> The only contents is larger and larger cities, fast trunk roads and
> motorways, some boundaries, sea and, at 3 of the 5 levels, coastline.
> I don't think coastline adds anything useful to a typical map,
> certainly not an overview, so dropping this would save space.
> Ticker
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