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[mkgmap-dev] [OFF] display zoom level of lines

From Vuki vuki77 at gmail.com on Fri Feb 12 15:22:17 GMT 2021

Hello Guys,

can be a bit offtopic...

I noticed that my Garmin Zumo XT is now showing certain lines on the 
resolution I defined in the style. In the Basemap it works fine, just 
the device overrides it.

For example 0x1d used for administrative boundary(<6)only drawn under 
8km on the device even the resolution is set to 14. In the Basecamp it 
works according to the resoluiton set in the style.

0x1c dislayed according to the resolution set in both Basecamp and XT.

Does any of you have info on th topic(why/how/limits)?


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