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[mkgmap-dev] maps overlaying each other

From 7770 7770 at foskan.eu on Sun Dec 6 12:33:09 GMT 2020

Hi Gerd and Michael.
Yes, i should have been clearer.
I do combine countries and have maps around 4GB each. I often disable one map, 
but sometimes this is not convenient. Such as when driving over a border or 
hiking in a border area, one usually wants to see both sides.

Anyhow i will try to generate the tiles differently.
If i use splitter for a larger area to make sure i get one tile only for one 
area, but do not have a tool to see which tiles are crossing the borders 
(which can be many for long borders), what is the best way to know which tiles 
should go into both maps?


On söndag 6 december 2020 kl. 12:32:03 CET Gerd Petermann wrote:
> Hi Karl,
> I prefer to merge the country data first and use one splitter run to produce
> the tiles and one gmapsupp for all, but you can also produce mutliple
> gmapsupp where some tiles appear in both, just make sure that those tiles
> are really the same. So, computing the *.img files once and combining them
> in different gmapsupp should work.
> Gerd
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> Betreff: [mkgmap-dev] maps overlaying each other
> Hi.
> How can i avoid that a section of a map (in a gmapsuppA.img) overlays some
> neighbouring map (in a different gmapsuppB.img) making it inaccessible on
> the GPS unit?
> Example,
> say i have Sweden and Norway, neighbouring countries. Data is downloaded
> from goefabrik per country. Splitting and generating map done per country.
> Sweden gets --draw-priority=50 and Norway gets 51.
> In the border areas, when the tiles are a bit outside of the country, the
> Norwegian map overlays the Swedish, details from both maps are visible but
> one cannot click on a point on the Swedish (lower) map because the empty
> Norwegian map is drawn above.
> --transparent option is not used to avoid other non-wanted transparency.
> --bounds is used.
> --add-boundary-nodes-at-admin-boundaries is used.
> Is there some good way to avoid this issue, to make sure that details from
> the lower map can be accessed? Perhaps make the splitter more strict on the
> borders?
> regards
> Karl
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