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[mkgmap-dev] Splitter 597 xml format output problem

From Dave dfjkman at gmail.com on Wed Sep 2 10:52:07 BST 2020


While trying to troubleshoot a map creation problem I had I decided to
output the data from Splitter using --output=xml rather than pbf so I could
open the resultant file in JOSM version 16812 (I wasn't sure if the
unexpected results were caused by Splitter or Mkgmap), JOSM gave the
following error message:

Could not read file '00002641.osm'. Error is: Unsupported version: 0.5 (at
line 2, column 56). 100 bytes have been read

As a work around I edited the osm version to 0.6 and added visible="true"
version="1" to node and way id lines and was able to open the file. (was a
simple file only containing lines/ways no polygons etc.)

This is not something I plan to do often but thought you should be aware.


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