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[mkgmap-dev] garmin zumo XT

From brad bradhaack at fastmail.com on Fri Jul 31 03:58:35 BST 2020

I took a look at those, thx.     Unfortunately they don't really tell 
you what feature you're editing if you've created a map with mkgmap.   
typwiz is a windows program, which doesn't work for me.

What I determined is that these typ codes don't work :
     0x2c, 2f, 10101, 2d, 33
These work as expected: 0x2a, 0x02, 0x01, 13

The theme file has names such as MAP_PLTCL_INTL_CLR, 
translate to a typ code, and overwrite what is coded by mkgmap?

On 7/25/20 9:14 AM, nick wrote:
> Have a look at
> www.javawa.nl
> or
> https://www.pinns.co.uk/osm/theme_editor.html
> Although themes are text files, Garmin is particularly fussy about 
> certain text characters and a surplus of spaces. When you modify them 
> manually
> you may find the theme is not recognized.
> To a certain extent it is a matter of trial and error when converting 
> a typ file to a theme, ie the theme only recognizes a limited number 
> of types.
> Typwiz6 can convert TYP files to themes - there may be others
> Themes are saved in Garmin/themes folder
> Good Luck
> Nick
> <https://www.javawa.nl/zumocolors.html>
> <https://www.javawa.nl/zumocolors.html>
> <https://www.javawa.nl/zumocolors.html>
> On 25/07/2020 15:37, brad wrote:
>> I was successfully building maps for a Montana with my own style. 
>> Since the Montana died, I replaced it with a Zumo XT.   It isn't 
>> working so well now.   I can use my map on qmapshack and it looks as 
>> expected, but on the Zumo it appears that Garmin does not recognize 
>> some (or all) my custom type codes.   Any ideas what the limitations 
>> are,  or how to work with this?   They've added something called 'Map 
>> Theme', which is a small xml file. I don't see a way to load my typ 
>> file, but I didn't need to do that before since I included that with 
>> the mkgmap build.
>> Brad
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