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[mkgmap-dev] garmin zumo XT

From brad bradhaack at fastmail.com on Sat Jul 25 15:37:33 BST 2020

I was successfully building maps for a Montana with my own style. Since 
the Montana died, I replaced it with a Zumo XT.   It isn't working so 
well now.   I can use my map on qmapshack and it looks as expected, but 
on the Zumo it appears that Garmin does not recognize some (or all) my 
custom type codes.   Any ideas what the limitations are,  or how to work 
with this?   They've added something called 'Map Theme', which is a 
small xml file.   I don't see a way to load my typ file, but I didn't 
need to do that before since I included that with the mkgmap build.

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