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[mkgmap-dev] Unable to search for Address - GPSMAP64s

From Andrew Morris morrisa at shaw.ca on Wed Jul 22 22:20:03 BST 2020

So after some digging (and testing is still ongoing) I *think* I may 
have figured out what is going on.  My use of the --country-abbr='CA' 
instead of --country-abbr='CAN' may have been marking the addresses as 
not Canadian and thus they weren't showing.  I've tried removing the 
option completely hoping mkgmap would pick it up from the metadata, but 
I don't think that worked.  I'm going to need to start doing a better 
test plan.  Right now I'm kind of spinning my wheels and I'm on like 
build 15.

Also there (at least in my opinion) is a bug in the firmware where if a 
map is disabled it shouldn't use that map file for address information, 
but it does.

I'll update as soon as I get some results.  Unfortunately this process 
is slow (around 40 minutes each try) and I get distracted with other 

Thank you for the suggestion on the -c template.args and geonames-file 
options.  I'll give that a try on my next run.

On 07/20/20 06:35, Ticker Berkin wrote:
> Hi Andrew
> When you say you can't find cities, do you get a good list of nearby
> cities from the Find>Cities menu entry, and if you change this to
> search-by-name, can you find all that you'd expect (ie non-basemap
> ones).
> When using Find>Address, do you get a sensible Country or Region list
> in the initial selection field, and have selected something, do you get
>   a list of Cities in the City selection field, similarly for Street. On
> my device I need to clear the house number field to get from this point
> to the list of addresses that I can then select (because most of my
> addresses don't have housenumbers)
> I see references to postal_code in your bounds processing. I don't
> think you are going to get anything sensible to happen by default
> relating to Canadian postcodes; I think Garmin ZipCode handling only
> deals with numerics.
> Unrelated suggestions are:
>   Get the splitter to generate useful tile names with the
>   --geonames-file=... option.
>   Use these by having -c template.args rather than *.osm.pbf
>   Have the global --description at the end, after the above.
>   Beware of --split-name-index.
>   --link-pois-to-ways is a good option.
>   --code-page=1252 if you need French names with accents.
> See {mkgmap-rel}/examples/sample.cfg
> Ticker
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