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[mkgmap-dev] Road speed through urban areas

From Ticker Berkin rwb-mkgmap at jagit.co.uk on Thu Jul 16 11:52:53 BST 2020

Hi all

Various points and ideas:

I think that testing for admin level boundaries is trivial provided you
are using --bounds=..zip. So, for country XXX, could add the following
to inc/roadspeed:
  mkgmap:country=XXX & mkgmap:admin_level8=* {set
However, I haven't looked at the
bounds/admin_level topic in any detail.

As Gerd says, fine-tuning road speeds might have no effect on the
choice between routing through or around urban areas, so enhancing the
above with:
  mkgmap:country=XXX & mkgmap:admin_level8=* {set mkgmap:road-class=-1}
might be more effective. NB might also need mkgmap:road-class-min and
protect some highway types from modification.

Accurate road speeds must be a good idea, giving better estimates of
journey time and, in some cases, faster routes. Even if
maxspeed:practical isn't in the default style, I'd have it in mine if
there was a chance of useful data for it to pick up.

To indicate slowed speeds at lights/crossings, need --link-pois-to-way
and, in "points", something like:
  highway=traffic_signals | highway=crossing {set mkgmap:road-speed=1}
This, if necessary, chops the road up and applies the specified speed
to a short section around the point.


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