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[mkgmap-dev] Road speed through urban areas

From Joris Bo jorisbo at hotmail.com on Thu Jul 16 09:14:20 BST 2020


In urban areas the 'practical maxspeed' is often lower then the 'official' maxspeed because of existence of traffic lights and traffic calmers.
I would rely on the intended routing basics of road_class and corresponding maxspeeds and the common usage of highway types and tagging in osm.

Maybe it helps to make these roads less attractive for the routing engines to check for traffic lights. 
Because these are node-tags and not line-tags I don't know the exact impact.

highway = residential & highway=crossing & crossing=traffic_signals {set mkgmap:road-speed=-2}
highway = residential & traffic_calming=table	{ set mkgmap:road-speed=-1}
highway = residential & access = destination { set mkgmap:road-speed=-2}


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Hi all,

I fear I don't get the point in this discussion. My understanding is that you want a style that sets a lower road class for major roads within a city. Question is in what situation this will lead to better routing. If there is a good alternative route around the city it should already have the higher highway tag in OSM.


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Betreff: Re: [mkgmap-dev] Road speed through urban areas

Fernando Trebien <fernando.trebien at gmail.com> writes:

> Would mapping boundary=urban [1] help solve the problem of assigning a 
> slower estimated speed to ways within dense urban areas in routing 
> apps such as mkgmap? [2][3] It looks like an elegant solution to this 
> problem that would not have the same issues with verifiability that 
> maxspeed:practical has. It is currently common only in France (see an 
> example in Rennes [4]) and there is official data available in my area 
> that could be imported into OSM. [5]

I don't see why drawing a line that encloses the area where you think maxspeed:practical is low is any more verifiable.  You are tagging about an area where people drive slower than the speed limits, I think.  So it's really the same thing.

Also, maxspeed:practical is easy to verify.  Drive on the road 10 times and see what the average speed you actually went is.  I have lots  of commuting data and someday, I will process it and see what the distributions look like.

If there really are speed limits, then by all means tag them.
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