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[mkgmap-dev] Poiisble bug with ~ and numbers

From Pinns UK osm at pinns.co.uk on Fri Jul 10 08:26:03 BST 2020

Hi All

  I'm trying to assign an icon to platform numbers in my TYP file - my 
Fenix doesn't show highway:symbols

This works fine if platforms are labelled 1,2,3 etc

To avoid too many icons I want to reduce 1a,1b to 1  and 2a,2b to 2 etc 

ref ~'1*.'  [0x etc]

ref ~'2*.' [0x etc]

This works for stations with number+letter platforms (ie Norwich)

However, where stations are just numbers without letters, all 
platforms(ie 1,2,3,4) are labelled 1 depending on the order of my ref ~ ie

if ref ~'1*.' is the first line in my code all platforms are labbelled 1 
   if ref ~'2*.' is the first line in my code a;; of them are labelled 2

It seems ~ may not work as expected with numbers , or my code is wrong.

Any ideas?


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