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[mkgmap-dev] Nearby poi feature

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Thu Jun 18 11:07:33 BST 2020

Hi  Joris,

The current code always groups the POI by type AND name.
What result would you expect for the different doctors?


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I’m struggling with the nearby poi rules. As far as I understand from the manual there are 3 options
named: triggered if the type code and the name is the same
unnamed: triggered if the type code is the same and the name is empty
no specification: triggered if the type code is the same regardless of the name being the same

But if I use 0x3002:10   on a docters clinic with 9 doctors all having different names, obvious closer together then 10 meters nothing happens
When adding multiple rules for the same typ-code I get a SEVERE error message (which is correct and proofs the correct nearby - config-rules - file is in use)
When hiding trees next to the doctors (just to be sure the correct code is triggered) the unnamed trees are hidden as expected
When rendering the doctors as typ-code trees, again nothing happens. So it’s not in the the typ-code used and I can only assume that I just can’t hide poi’s when the name is different?

Maybe somebody could help explain what can be expected

If interested in the test area:

Kind regards,


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