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[mkgmap-dev] Options file

From Dave Swarthout daveswarthout at gmail.com on Thu Jun 4 00:11:19 BST 2020

I agree that the bit about parm placement should not be repeated. I saw and
read the text you provided but for some reason associated it more with
splitter rather than mkgmap as a whole. It doesn't stand out very well the
way it's written now. My bad.

Also, I think it would be good if the filename in the error message was
enclosed in quotes. Again, it might be obvious to you developers that "file
name" is different than "filename" but it wasn't to me. If the message had
said "SEVERE (Main): name: file "name" doesn't exist, it would have been so
much more helpful.

I'm all set now. Thanks very much, Gerd.


On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 10:24 PM Gerd Petermann <
gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> See r4511.
> I don't know if it helps, command line parsing depends on the OS / used
> shell as well.
> On windows this change allows to use  --name-tag-list="name:de,name:en,
> name"
> Reg. your other question about the documentation of the importance of
> order in the options: This is documented and it is true for almost all
> options, so it makes no sense to repeat the hint for each option:
> "The order of the options is significant in that options only apply to
> subsequent input files. If you are using splitter, you probably will need
> to
> put most of your options before '-c template.args' (this file is generated
> by
> splitter). "
> Gerd
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> Betreff: Re: [mkgmap-dev] Options file
> OMG!  An extra space?
> Yep, that fixed it. Is there some way to make the processing of that parm
> string more robust?
> Thank you for your quick response.
> On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 6:01 PM Gerd Petermann <
> gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com<mailto:gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com>>
> wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> I think there is a superflous space in the name-tag-list before name:
> name:en,loc_name:en,int_name,alt_name:en,short_name:en, name
> This means that mkgmap searches for an input file with the name 'name' and
> that also explains the error message.
> Gerd
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> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2020 12:33
> An: Development list for mkgmap
> Betreff: [mkgmap-dev] Options file
> This is a two-part question.
> Firstly:
> I have been trying to change my compilation method to use a config file
> but am having problems. During my experimentations I managed to insert the
> style file directive "--style-file=directory|zip-filename|url" _after_ the
> filespec for the OSM data file. My map compiled without errors but was not
> using my styles. I was very confused because it had always worked before.
> It took me 20 or 30 minutes to discover that I had accidentally "misplaced"
> my style file parameter in the mkgmp parameter list. Once I moved it in
> front of the filespecs for my OSM data file and custom TYP file, all was
> well again.
> I am assuming that the "options" file included with every mkgmap download
> is the primary help file for running mkgmap. So I guess I'm asking if
> someone would please add a sentence to the options file where the use _and
> placement_ of the style file parameter is explained more completely. The
> way it is now, one cannot know that the placement of that parameter is
> important. Apparently,  the placement of ALL parameters must come before
> any filespecs in the mkgmap invocation but that important fact isn't
> obvious (at least to me) from reading the options help file.
> A line saying "the style file parameter must appear before any references
> to a file specification for input data or custom TYP file." inserted just
> after the "=== Style options ===" section divider would be very helpful
> Or perhaps a line at the very top of the options file saying "Note: all
> options specified herein must appear on the mkgmap invocation before any
> reference to an OSM input file or a custom TYP file."
> *******************************************
> Secondly:
> The problem I'm having with using a configuration file might be related to
> file specifications, but I'm not sure. My first try used the filespecs in
> quotes as they appear in my parm specification. That didn't work. When I
> compile a map using the scenario below, mkgmap produces an error saying
> "SEVERE (Main): name: file name doesn't exist" but does not supply a
> filename. Not very helpful.
> Here is my mkgmap invocation string and the configuration file I'm trying
> to employ:
> java -Xmx4000m -jar mkgmap.jar  -c DJS.cfg --family-id=18028
> --name-tag-list=name:en,loc_name:en,int_name,alt_name:en,short_name:en,
> name --description="Lanna" --country-name=THAILAND --country-abbr=THA
> "C:\Users\alask\Downloads\Maps\Lanna.osm"
> "C:\Users\alask\Dropbox\Mapping\24983djs.TYP"
> And the config file: DJS.cfg follows:
> gmapsupp
> route
> index
> bounds=C:\Users\alask\Downloads\Maps\bounds.zip
> precomp-sea=C:\Users\alask\Downloads\Maps\sea.zip
> generate-sea=land-tag=natural=background
> location-autofill=is_in,nearest
> housenumbers
> max-jobs
> drive-on=detect
> add-pois-to-areas
> link-pois-to-ways
> process-destination
> process-exits
> code-page=1252
> check-routing-island-len=700
> remove-ovm-work-files
> #road-name-config=mkgmap-rel/examples/roadNameConfig.txt
> split-name-index
> make-opposite-cycleways
> order-by-decreasing-area
> style-file=C:\Users\alask\Dropbox\Mapping\DJS_styles
> I'm sure you experts will easily see what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in
> advance.
> Cheers,
> Dave
> --
> Dave Swarthout
> Homer, Alaska
> Chiang Mai, Thailand
> Travel Blog at http://dswarthout.blogspot.com
> --
> Dave Swarthout
> Homer, Alaska
> Chiang Mai, Thailand
> Travel Blog at http://dswarthout.blogspot.com

Dave Swarthout
Homer, Alaska
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Travel Blog at http://dswarthout.blogspot.com
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