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[mkgmap-dev] default style points enhancements

From AnkEric ankeric.osm at gmail.com on Wed Apr 22 16:07:11 BST 2020


I have reviewed mapnik.txt in relation to default style.
Now I'm capable of generating (in automation) an Excel showing all tags,
values and usage.
Also for my own style. 


In this Excel I have made some remarks or suggestions (in red).
Of course this was a manual action.


In your list of POI's I miss:

- leisure=picnic_table

picnic_site most often has also a picnic_table, but not always.
picnic_site might have more objects (hut, shelter, benches, drinking water,
barbecue, fireplace).
Or picnic_site is just a nice view only, no amenity.
In wet circumstances we are only interested in picnic_table, not in
leisure=picnic_table is a de facto tag since 2014. Rendered by JOSM since

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