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[mkgmap-dev] Trying to access the wikipedia tag

From Marc Cousin cousinmarc at gmail.com on Sat Aug 3 15:23:31 BST 2019


I'm trying to produce a map with more "tourism" data on it. One thing
I'd like to add is castles. I managed to do this, though as many of them
are areas and I wanted them as POI, I had to add --add-pois-to-areas.

But I'd like to try to guess what castles are "interesting" ones, to
display them on larger zoom levels.

The idea I had was that the more interesting castles would probably have
a wikipedia page attached to them (I live in an area where there are a
lot of castles :) ), and wanted to use this as a filter, to try
something like that:

tourism=castle & wikipedia=* {name '${name} - ${wikipedia}'} [0x5202
resolution 20]
tourism=castle & wikipedia!=* {name '${name}' | 'Castle'} [0x5202
resolution 24]

(I created my own POI icon for 0x5202). But the wikipedia tag doesn't
seem to be available. Is there a way to ask mkgmap to keep a
supplementary tag ? Or is there something smarter I could do ? :)



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