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[mkgmap-dev] how to deal with "Attention: Tile contains both drive-on-left (303) and drive-on-right roads" ?

From Alexis Huxley alexishuxley at gmail.com on Thu Jul 11 13:31:51 BST 2019

Thanks Ticker!

> > The splitter output looks okay, though I note it ends:
> > 
> > 	Number of MapFailedExceptions: 1

> you should check out this error

I reworked my wrapper script so splitter and mkgmap save their
output separately and now I can see that this message was actually 
from mkgmap, not splitter, and see that this was the cause:

	SEVERE (MapFailedException): /u/ahux/tmp-dir/as/85120555.osm.pbf: (thrown in RoadDef.writeRgnOffsets()) Overflow of the NET1. The tile (/u/ahux/tmp-dir/as/85120555.osm.pbf) must be split so that there are fewer roads in it

so I followed your advice:

> you need to experiment with splitter max-nodes to fix this

and halved max-nodes to 800000 and Asia now works! 

I'm processing all continents every three months [*]; is there any 
disadvantage if I lower max-nodes for *all* continents, rather than
just the problematic ones? (I'm thinking about my wrapper scripts.)

I'll regenerate the other continents anyway, to check if there
are any obvious problems and also to see how the execution time
compares to before. So far my record for Europe is 03:02:31 for
splitter/mkgmap/zip :-)

> > 	java -Xmx380000M -jar mkgmap.jar --code-page=1252 --latin1 -
> > -route --remove-short-arcs --road-name-pois --add-pois-to-areas -
> > -index --location-autofill=bounds --tdbfile --max-jobs=40 -
> > -mapname=38610001 --country-abbr=AS --country-name="Asia" --family
> > -id=598 --family-name="OSM_AS" --overview-mapname=as --series
> > -name="OSM Asia (2019 07)" --description="OSM_AS" --generate
> > -sea=multipolygon --bounds=/u/ahux/tmp-dir/as/bounds-latest.zip -
> > -precomp-sea=/u/ahux/tmp-dir/as/sea-latest.zip --style
> > -file=/u/ahux/tmp-dir/as/mkgmap/distrib/mkgmap
> > -r4287/examples/styles/default /u/ahux/tmp-dir/as/3861*.osm.pbf
> --road-name-pois - probably not needed anymore.
> --location-autofill=is_in,nearest better (bounds doesn't do anything).
> --max-jobs is better without a value.
> --country_name/abbr best removed as you are covering multiple
> countries.
> --mapname should be set per tile - see later.
> --description ditto.
> --generate-sea remove; you are using --precomp-sea
> instead of .../3861*.osm.pbf, use the template file generated by the
> splitter with -c ..../template.args

All your suggestions applied. 

Thanks again!


[*] - second to last entry at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Download#Worldwide

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