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[mkgmap-dev] typfile curiosity

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Tue Apr 16 22:38:45 BST 2019


> i just stumbled again about a curious effect of the built-in
> typ-compiler from mkgmap. Just figured out that hex-ids for points,
> which are built in the way Type = 0x108, SubType = 02 or equal are mixed
> up after the compile to 0x00102 ?  I can avoid this by building the
> hex-id only in one line, i.e Type = 0x10802. Its not for all of the ids,
> may be only for points with ids > 0x100. Any idea ?

When a type is written as 0x10802 it doesn't mean that the type is
0x108, since types are one byte.  The first '1' means that it is
an extended (also called marine) type, with type=0x8 and subtype=0x2.

When you write Type=0x102 then that means Type=0x1, SubType=0x02, just
as Type=0x411 means Type=0x4, SubType=0x11

The original way of writing it would be:


The Marine=Y isn't supported in the TYP compiler, since I don't think
anyone write TYP files using that notation.  It could be added if
there really are lots of TYP files out there using it.

I'd recomend always using the single line form.


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