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[mkgmap-dev] MDR 9 & 10 groups

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Apr 15 22:12:10 BST 2019

Hi Ticker

> So, the first question is, does anyone know why 0x28 was given it's own
> group.

I've no idea why, but that is the way it is as far as I could

> The second problem is that the code that builds up the group start
> indexes into Mdr10 for Mdr9 assumes that the type ranges of the POI
> allocated for a group are in the same order as the groups, so, if you
> actually have a POI of type 0x28 then, because it has a lower type but
> a higher group than the 0x2a..30 range/groups, mdr9 is wrong.

I don't see where that happens but that would be wrong and mdr9
should be ordered by group.


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