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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap:line2poitype

From lig fietser ligfietser at hotmail.com on Tue Apr 9 13:03:20 BST 2019

I'm trying to exclude pois of ways that are connected to each other like this:
s1--way1--e1 s2--way2--e2

With s1=start node of way1 and e1 = end node
s2 is the same node as e1.

In the points file I like to render only points s1 and e2 but not e1 / s2

I have tried these two rules but they will render respectively s2 and e1 too:
mkgmap:line2poitype=start & mkgmap:line2poitype!=end & (bridge=* | tunnel=*)   [0x2819 resolution 24]
mkgmap:line2poitype=end & mkgmap:line2poitype!=start & (bridge=* | tunnel=*)  [0x2819 resolution 24]

My goal is to render a poi only at the beginning and end of a bridge/tunnel, that consists of many way segments. How can I exclude those in between start and end points?

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