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[mkgmap-dev] where are the house numbers gone?

From Team Rebenbummler rebenbummler at cafekurzweil.de on Tue Mar 26 21:44:42 GMT 2019

Hi Gerd,

I tried to find several addresses. The index allows me to enter country,
city, street and house number. The street is then shown on the map, but at
the beginning and not where the house number is located. The path is ok, I
split the map with the splitter tool to handle large maps like the alps. And
no, I do not get error messages. The Freiburg map is chosen, to have quick
results. Normally I use the alps, but this map takes more than 20 min to
process. The strange thing is, that this did work already. Unfortunately I
cannot say since when the problem started ...


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Betreff: AW: [mkgmap-dev] where are the house numbers gone?

Hi Richard,

the options look good, only this path looks strange, it probably matches a
single file only:

Do you see any error messages from mkgmap?
Did you try to find other addresses?


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Betreff: [mkgmap-dev] where are the house numbers gone?


I have a strange behavior, the maps are generated, but no house numbers in
the map. When the device searches for the address, it can find the street
but not the house number. The map is build with the following statement

java -Xmx12288m -Xms5120m -jar mkgmap-r4283\mkgmap.jar --gmapsupp --index
--housenumbers --output-dir=C:\Users\Richard\Documents\work\map
--mapname=5917 --description=Freiburg-Regbez --family-id=59170001
--family-name=Freiburg-Regbez --max-jobs --route --drive-on=detect,right
--bounds=C:\Users\Richard\Downloads\bounds-latest.zip --transparent
--verbose C:\Users\Richard\Documents\work\splitter\59170001*.o5m

Any hint what is going wrong? The house numbers where there in the past.


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