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[mkgmap-dev] where are the house numbers gone?

From Team Rebenbummler rebenbummler at cafekurzweil.de on Tue Mar 26 20:25:41 GMT 2019

Hi .


I have a strange behavior, the maps are generated, but no house numbers in
the map. When the device searches for the address, it can find the street
but not the house number. The map is build with the following statement


java -Xmx12288m -Xms5120m -jar mkgmap-r4283\mkgmap.jar --gmapsupp --index
--housenumbers --output-dir=C:\Users\Richard\Documents\work\map
--mapname=5917 --description=Freiburg-Regbez --family-id=59170001
--family-name=Freiburg-Regbez --max-jobs --route --drive-on=detect,right
--bounds=C:\Users\Richard\Downloads\bounds-latest.zip --transparent
--verbose C:\Users\Richard\Documents\work\splitter\59170001*.o5m


Any hint what is going wrong? The house numbers where there in the past.




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