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[mkgmap-dev] Possible sea.zip Problem

From osm@pinns osm at pinns.co.uk on Fri Mar 22 13:15:15 GMT 2019


The 'culprit' is




On 22/03/2019 12:37, Manfred Haiduk wrote:
> Hi all
> as i do have since short time a new laptop with huge amount of memory 
> and a big cpu, i was trying to build a garmin map for whole europe, 
> because i was curious to see other countries beside of central 
> europe.And while doing this, i found a possible error in the sea.zip 
> file, which i got from osm.thkukuk.de/data. If you look at the 
> screenshot attached you will see some grey polygons, which is named 
> 'meer' as the other blue areas but is drawn in the colour of the 
> background. So i assume an error in the sea-file .... or in the 
> boundary files ?
> Any one with an idea whats going wrong there ?
> my build script is build like this :
> del /q .\out\MYEUROPE\
> pause
> del /q "d:\GPS\Kartentools\MapCreation\mkgmap.log*"
> java -Xmx30000m -XX:-UseGCOverheadLimit -ea -jar 
> -Dlog.config=logging.properties "c:\Program Files 
> (x86)\KartenTools\mkgmap\mkgmap.jar" --location-autofill=is_in,nearest 
> --mapname=70000001 --family-id=7000 .\styles\newstyle.txt 
> --series-name="MY OSM" --family-name="OpenStreetmap" 
> --country-name=EUROPE --country-abbr=ALL --area-name=ALL 
> --overview-mapname="overview" --latin1 --style-file=.\styles 
> --style=newstyle --max-jobs --keep-going --check-roundabouts 
> --drive-on=detect,right --output-dir=.\out\MYEUROPE --index 
> --bounds=.\bounds_latest --route 
> --name-tag-list=name,place_name,loc_name --housenumbers 
> --x-split-name-index --add-pois-to-areas --link-pois-to-ways 
> --process-destination --process-exits --precomp-sea=.\sea_latest 
> --tdbfile --draw-priority=10 -c .\data\EUROPE\template.args 
> --description=MYEUR --remove-ovm-work-files=true
> copy newstyle.typ .\styles
> move newstyle.typ .\out\MYEUROPE
> del /q "c:\Users\mhaiduk\AppData\Roaming\Garmin\MapSource\TileCache\"
> shutdown.exe /s
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