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[mkgmap-dev] Having 2 mkgmap-generated files on one device at once

From brad bradhaack at fastmail.com on Mon Mar 18 18:26:12 GMT 2019

Also make sure you have a unique mapid or each tile.

On 3/17/19 6:07 AM, Andy Townsend wrote:
> Following on from the other question about setting the mapset name, 
> the other problem is just having both files on the device at once.
> Both .img files were created using mkgmap using the --gmapsupp parameter.
> I have an existing "gmapsupp.img", and I've renamed the new test one 
> that I am creating to "ajt2supp.img" and have also tried setting the 
> description of it via '--description="AJT2D" '. Setting the 
> description works, in that if that's the only mkgmap-generated map on 
> the device that's the description I see from the maps available from 
> "select map".
> However, if I have both the old "gmapsupp.img" and the new 
> "ajt2supp.img"on the device I only see "OSM Street Map" (the old 
> description), not "AJT2D".
> I'm guessing it's some other name or perhaps the argument order that's 
> the problem.  I've tried other name settings such as --family-id=3 
> --product-id=44 --mapname=63240002 --product-version=2  
> --series-name="AJT2S" --family-name="AJT2F" --area-name="AJT2A", as 
> well as --description="AJT2D", but to no avail.
> Best Regards,
> Andy
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