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[mkgmap-dev] Setting mapset-name?

From Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com on Sun Mar 17 12:01:54 GMT 2019


I'm in the process of moving some functionality from an old .osm 
processor into a mkgmap style, and I'd like to have both old and new 
styles on the device (a gpsmap64s) at the same time for comparison.

Before I even got that far I couldn't find a way of changing the mapset 
name that is produced.  The script I'm using is 
(be aware that that currently has some hardcoded paths in it). so I'm 
using "--gmapsupp" to create a ".img" file that I can copy to the device.

contains the default name of "OSM Map Set", and if I change the default 
there it does change the value I can see in the .img file.  Despite that 
bit of code appearing to be reading an argument from somewhere, setting 
"--mapset name=" doesn't seem to work - mkgmap exits with "Invalid 
option: 'mapset-name'".

Is there perhaps some order in which the arguments need to be applied?  
I've got one lot of input files (6*.osm.gz from splitter) some 
intermediate output files (6*.img) and then the final output from the 
--gmapsupp - gmapsupp.img, so it's not exactly clear what order would 
make sense.

Best Regards,


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