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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap -c problem (relative paths)

From Ranko Jaksic ranko.jaksic at zgi.hr on Wed Mar 6 21:22:43 GMT 2019


I use config files with mkgmap and define input-files using relative paths.
Example from my config file "osm-options":

mapname: 80100003
input-file: data/80100003.osm.pbf

This works well when the config file is in the same directory where mkgmap is started.
When invoked with "-c osm-options" mkgmap finds my input file just fine.

To tidy up my environment I moved all my config files into a config subdirectory.
Now when I invoke mkgmap with "-c config/osm-options" I get the following error:

SEVERE (Main): .\config\data\80100003.osm.pbf: file .\config\data\80100003.osm.pbf doesn't exist

It appears that mkgmap interprets my relative paths relative to the config file location,
and not (as I expected) the mkgmap cwd!

This seems to be a bug since the description for -c states:
"The options are included as arguments of the executed command as if they had been specified on the command line."

I tested using the latest r4282 on Windows.


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