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[mkgmap-dev] Artifacts in final map (.MP -> .IMG conversion)

From Vadim bombur at mail.ru on Fri Feb 8 12:12:06 GMT 2019


As a result of conversion *.MP* to *.IMG* with *Mkgmap* (java -jar
mkgmap.jar --mapname=12345678 --family-id=1281 --product-id=1
"AmericanLake.mp"), clearly expressed artifacts appear in the resulting map:


If convert the same .MP-file using *cGPSmapper.exe*, such artifacts do not


I suspect the reason is rather in the source .MP file:
* Multipolygons consist of several hundred points.
* The GPSMapEdit program finds intersections and overlays of polygons:
* In addition, after converting multipolygons to polygons (deleting internal
polygons from the file used), the artifacts disappear. But it is impossible
to use a map (some objects such as islands and hills disappear) obtained in
this way:


However, despite possible problems with the source file, *cGPSmapper.exe
converts it without any problems* !!!

Is there a way to get *Mkgmap* to convert this file ?
Maybe there are some "secret" command line parameters ? 
I tried unsuccessfully these arguments:

Generalization in GpsMapEdit not helped...

Original *.MP* file posted here: https://yadi.sk/d/c5-7lv8v-Ubvzw

Thanks for any advice and suggestions!

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