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[mkgmap-dev] Commit r4262: improve default style (defaultStyleTidy3e.patch by Ticker Berkin with small modifications)

From svn commit svn at mkgmap.org.uk on Fri Jan 11 09:35:10 GMT 2019

Version mkgmap-r4262 was committed by gerd on Fri, 11 Jan 2019

improve default style (defaultStyleTidy3e.patch by Ticker Berkin with small modifications) 

A few minor layout tidy-ups

Add GBR section to inc/access_country

Do aeroway=runway/taxiway/taxilane as lines unless marked as area=yes
and show these lines even when also a highway

Ignore more highways when abandoned/disused/demolished

Ignore more highway tags that are not suitable for routing

highway=steps/corridor/stepping_stones/elevator/escalator/platform to
footway with bicycle=no and remove later test for steps

Convert highway=crossing/virtual to path

Don't convert footway to cycleway, but more rules to convert path to

Add footway around man_made=pier even if area=yes

Fix common bad tagging for highway= by converting to the presumed

Put routable path around highway=pedestrian closed areas;
squares/plazas often don't have other routing joining all entry/exit
ways. Similarly for footway. Then continue to allow any polygon

Handle some rarer highway types by converting to more generic type

Show any other water lines

Removed all the {set cityxx/tmp:city}, & cityxx/tmp:city!=yes, continue
with_actions bits from place=city/town...

Group the rules amenity=restaurant/fast_food, cuisine= to clarify,
simplify and show better how it relates Garmin "Food & Drink" search
and add some more cuisines. One effect of this is that
amenity=fast_food,cuisine=pizza/grill moves to the "Fast Food"
category. The other effect is that an element that is both a Restaurant
and a Lodging now shows as Lodging rather than Restaurant

For leisure=* where sport might be involved, show the sport if no name

Show canal/lock as 0x6505 (Water Features>Canal)

Show aeroway=runway/taxiway/taxilane as polygon only if marked as

Increase resolution that amenity=cafe/fast_food/restaurant polygons
show at

Show place=suburb

Alternative rule to show highway=pedestrian as square/plaza unless
explicit area=no. highway=footway show as square/plaza if explicit

Don't assume any other closed highway is parking area, just

Show more historic=*

Show drydock, canal & lock differently from standard natural=water, and
use a different code for small lakes

Show any other water area

Show all man_made=* unless explicit area=no


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