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[mkgmap-dev] Not-equal compare bug?

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sat Jan 5 15:28:26 GMT 2019


Rules that would match an element without any tags are not allowed.

It might be possible to allow that, but I think that it would be slow.
Most nodes have no tags and are just part of some way, any rule that 
matches on the absence of a tag would select almost all of the nodes.

If anyone wants to experiment then please go ahead, it could be that I
am wrong and it can be done reasonably quickly.

As things are however, it is intentional that the rules you are trying
do not work.

> Line:  ( highway!=* | oneway!=*) { deletealltags }

This would match a way with no tags, so is not allowed.

> Similar error is given when comparing expression with this line: 
> oneway!=* { deletealltags }

This too.

> Tt seems != works fine but only if there is an equal comparision first 
> like in this line that gives no error:
>    highway=* & oneway !=* { deletealltags }

Adding the highway=*, means that it could not match a way without tags, 
and is therefore allowed.


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