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[mkgmap-dev] splitter, mapid

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Thu Jan 3 14:16:04 GMT 2019

Hi Gerd,

we can use any formula to assign mapid. If this formula would be widely 
accepted, there wouldn't be much conflicts between maps created by 
different developers.

If we use the original Garmin's formula, then we would avoid conflicts 
with many existing Garmin's maps too. The only requirement would be to 
avoid FIDs already used by Garmin.

As for my other divagation, it was about how to implement Garmin's 
formula. For full implementation, we would need some changes to mkgmap 
too. Without changes to mkgmap, we can implement forumla only for FIDs 
up to some limit. I have suggested, how this partial implementation 
could look like.

Best regards,

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