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[mkgmap-dev] amenity=shelter & shelter_type=public_transport

From lig fietser ligfietser at hotmail.com on Wed Dec 26 08:59:21 GMT 2018

On the forum "Arie" reports the following issue:
"Using the tag amenity: shelter, shelter_type: public_transport displays a TENT symbol on the map downloaded in free worldwide Garmin maps.
When you look at it on the openstreetmap.org map it shows a shelter symbol.
Is it possible to use another symbol on the Garmin maps? It looks silly to see all the tents around town when you use the map."

Solution: exclude  shelter_type: public_transport

amenity=shelter & shelter_type!=public_transport [0x2b06 resolution 24 default_name 'Shelter']

And add a rule after or before this line, for example
amenity=shelter & shelter_type=public_transport [0x2f17 resolution 24]

I don't know if 0x2f17 is appropriate, it is used for bus stops etc but it is better than a tent (0x2b06)

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