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[mkgmap-dev] splitter, mapid

From brad bradhaack at fastmail.com on Mon Dec 17 23:41:13 GMT 2018

What is the max famid?   the docs say 9999, but I know there are mapid's 
larger.  maybe 99999?

On 12/17/18 7:17 AM, Andrzej Popowski wrote:
> Hi,
> basically map ID should be unique for all tiles, regardless of FID. If 
> you load 2 tiles with the same map ID to a GPS, it will silently 
> ignore one of these tiles. Most probably GPS assume, that these are 
> the same tiles and there is no reason to process both.
> Search index contains map ID. If you use 2 maps with repeated map ID, 
> then most probably search won't work correctly.
> There is no problem with map ID in Basecamp or Mapsource, these 
> programs don't support multiple maps.
> I suggest to link map ID with FID using following formula:
> First map ID in a mapset = FID*2048 + 6316032
> Or in hex:
> First map ID in a mapset = FID*800h + 606000h
> This formula assigns 2048 IDs for each FID. It should be true also for 
> original Garmin's maps, except for City Navigator series.
> Gerd, maybe you could include these formula into splitter? Something 
> like:
> ;--fid=27795
> :  Calculate mapid basing on a FID value. Can be used instead of 
> --mapid. Splitter sets first mapid value as 2048*fid + 6316032

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