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[mkgmap-dev] New branch for default typ file

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Mon Dec 3 06:22:43 GMT 2018

Greg Troxel-2 wrote
> I don't think it's off topic at all.

Well, I think it would be better to open a new thread, because this one is
about a default typ file for mkgmap.

Greg Troxel-2 wrote
>> project to add some non-OSM data to my maps but I thought the only way to
>> do this was with osmosis, combining a generated change file with the real
>> data. Is your process documented somewhere? If not, do you mind sharing
>> it
>> here?
> I have generated a file "lots.osm" which has parcel data as polygons
> with boundary=parcel tags, and just call splitter with
> "us-northeast-latest.osm.pbf" and "lots.osm".
> My lots.osm file has negative numbers for ids.  I remember using some
> python code to read shapefiles and write the osm file, but I no longer
> remember the details.  There is nothing odd about the file, other than
> using negative ids.
> With 64-bit ids, perhaps I should be picking some other private range
> that isn't negative.  But I bet it doesn't matter as long as they are
> unique.

Yes, unique ids are most important, for splitter it doesn't matter if ids
are positive or negative. 
Just make sure to avoid 0 and Long.MAX_VALUE (9223372036854775807  or 0x7fff
ffff ffff ffff).
In mkgmap we reserve a range of ids starting at 4611686018427387904 (0x4000
0000 0000 0000).

When "keep-complete" is active only the data in the first file is kept
complete, therefore later files should not contain relations.

If you use a program like osmosis or osmconvert to merge the files first you
should make sure that the files
are sorted by type (nodes, ways, relations) and each type by id (smallest
The files from geofabrik are sorted this way.


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