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[mkgmap-dev] label rendering

From brad bradhaack at fastmail.com on Sat Dec 1 20:43:54 GMT 2018

I got it figured out for towns/villages to show at a lower resolution.
Road labels still have me puzzled.   I know how to control the 
level/resolution for the road, but how can I get labels at a lower 
resolution, or more labels?
I don't use Basecamp, I use QMapshack and a Garmin Montana.

On 12/1/18 5:28 AM, lig fietser wrote:
> Yes, what Arndt writes is correct, for most pois Basecamp decides when 
> it shows up. But there are some pois that Basecamp does not control, 
> so you can use mkgmap to set those levels. I don't have a list of 
> which pois are controlled by Basecamp, it is always a matter of trial 
> and error. Complicated factor is that it also depends on the device; 
> it is totally non consistent, sometimes a big mess what Garmin has made.
> And the rendering in Mapsource is also different, but  it is more 
> compatible with mkgmap than Basecamp.
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> With hardwired I mean next:
> For exampel:
> amenity=fuel [0x2f01 resolution 22] and detail level "middle".
> The gas stations disapper at 70m. But the switch between resolution 24 
> and 23 is at 300m and between 23 and 22 at 500m.
> Sure, a higher detail level and the station will disappear later, but 
> not at the scale like other elements.
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