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[mkgmap-dev] label rendering

From lig fietser ligfietser at hotmail.com on Sat Dec 1 08:28:51 GMT 2018

About levels, you can specify resolution or level in your style files
For example tourism=hotel [0x2b01 resolution 24]

24 means that a hotel appears only in the highest zoom level
If you specify 20 it appears from zoom 20 or higher.
If you specify 20-22 it appears only in that range, so not on the highest zoom level 24


Font size can only be specified in the typ file, I use an editor like typviewer.
You can choose an invisible, small, default or large font style.
But bear in mind that on most Garmins units font size can be controlled only if it is set to default in the typ file.

Brad wrote:
How are street/highway/POI labels controlled, level and font size? How
can I change them?
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