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[mkgmap-dev] Add a POI to the start of a relation (route:mtb)

From andreas.schmidt.hetschbach at t-online.de andreas.schmidt.hetschbach at t-online.de on Mon Nov 12 08:10:49 GMT 2018

Hi all,

I would like to add something like a start-flag to mtb-routes containing all the Information of this relation available in OSM (like ascent, descent, distance). I tried  addpoi2lines and restrict this to a special member of the relation (like role=start). This works, but the nodes aren`t tagged this way. 

Is there a chance to restrict the addpoi2lines to the FIRST member-node of the relation? This would 

- Restrict the creation of a POI to only one way of the relation
- Restrict the creation to the start of the relation, assuming the relation is created in the Right order.

Thx for any help,


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