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[mkgmap-dev] TYP compiler problems

From osm@pinns osm at pinns.co.uk on Fri Nov 9 15:10:51 GMT 2018

Hi Ticker

That is correct: 32x32

Even though the typ files includes the xpm with each bitgmap polygon, I 
have a suspicion

that the firmware ignores these settings and sets the dimensions to 
32x32 by default

This certainly explains the gobbledygook you got.

I have yet to see a typ file which allows 16x16 for polygons

I have no idea if the TYP compiler sets the dimensions to 32x32 by default.



On 09/11/2018 14:52, Ticker Berkin wrote:
> Hi
> I've just found the note that says non-line pixmaps must be 32x32 so
> that is probably my problem.
> Testing it now.
> Ticker
> On Fri, 2018-11-09 at 13:06 +0000, Ticker Berkin wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm having problems with the TYP file appearing corrupt. A simple
>> file
>> was working as expected, but adding a bit more caused very strange
>> display properties in unrelated items on the Garmin device - eg, an
>> area showed as a pattern never seen before, and, when selected,
>> claimed
>> to be waypoint.
>> Running test.display on the file, sometimes I get:
>> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.AssertionError
>> at
>> test.display.TypSectionDisplayer.printLabels(TypSectionDisplayer.java
>> :1
>> 19) at
>> test.display.PolygonDisplayer.printStyles(PolygonDisplayer.java:83)
>> at
>> test.display.PolygonDisplayer.printPolygonDefs(PolygonDisplayer.java:
>> 60
>> )
>> at test.display.PolygonDisplayer.print(PolygonDisplayer.java:42)
>> at test.display.TypDisplay.print(TypDisplay.java:56)
>> at test.display.CommonDisplay.display(CommonDisplay.java:171)
>> at test.display.CommonDisplay.display(CommonDisplay.java:196)
>> at test.display.TypDisplay.main(TypDisplay.java:302)
>> and, making slight adjustments to the length of some strings, it
>> doesn't crash but the test output has lots of non-printing characters
>> in the label display and sometimes messages about overshoot {-ve val}
>> Gradually deleting almost all the contents of the typ file, it now
>> always crashes display. Changing the xpm from a bit-map to a block
>> colour makes it OK. This is file badTypMin.txt
>> Going back to a version with more contents, changing the string in
>> polygon type 0x58 changes the crash/corruption behaviour as per the
>> comment. This is file badTypMore.txt
>> Also attached is tst.sh that I've been using to compile and display
>> the
>> badTyp.txt file
>> Ticker
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